Your products are used and bought every day, meeting the needs and wants of people all over the world, or maybe just in your backyard, and keeping track of your production and inventory, logistics, retail delivery, customer satisfaction and new product development in a global marketplace has never been more essential.

Mazzatech designs the systems that you need to make each step – from raw material to production to retail product – transparent, easy to track and calculate. Your customers depend on you daily for the necessities, as you can depend on Mazzatech to help you deliver them, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Whether you produce consumer staples, ship them or retail them you are part of the daily life of your customers. Being able to respond to their needs and the needs of the market are what keeps you profitably in business. Even though you are less sensitive to economic cycles you still need to streamline your operations, automate back-office services, keep accurate production cycles to meet predictable trends and keep your product fresh by reducing time to market. Mazzatech is experienced in helping consumer staple retailers in improving their digital services, saving money and time and increasing efficiency. We also work with top global
producers to sharpen supply chain scheduling to make sure that product arrives when demanded and that time to market means that fresh product is on the shelves when consumers want it. Improve your timing, billing, recording and tracking with help from Mazzatech’s services.

Customer Engagement

Checking out with your product is only the beginning of your relationship with your customer. In your industry, building and keeping brand loyalty is essential to keeping your market share and improving it. Being there, without problem, for your customers has never been more important as markets get more and more competitive. If you aren’t at the top of your customer relations game, your customers might well look for a replacement. Mazzatech can help you improve your customer satisfaction by streamlining your existing digital services, making them more responsive, more intuitive and less costly than purely human intervention services.
Bringing you into the modern world from your legacy system is a specialty of ours and we can show you how to do this painlessly and with cost savings that you can put back into your business.

Business Production Services

Your business operations depend on innovation as a guiding principle in the consumer staples industry. Innovation enables you to enhance brand appeal, capture market share, and design and support efficient marketing and commercialization of your company’s goods. Technology is affecting the industry like never before with online shopping now the order of the day. Consumers now have a plethora of apps and business lines to utilize for shopping and you need to be at the top of that list. Mazzatech is poised to assist you in the rapid shift to an e-marketplace, or by using technology and infrastructure put you ahead of the competition for customer awareness and sales. Our cost-reducing initiatives can help you boost profits while reducing structural costs in order to improve your decision-making procedures and enhance your market share.

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