Delivering quality healthcare services at a profit is what you need. Getting quality healthcare services at a reasonable price is what your customers and patients need. When you outsource your technology needs we deliver the value you require and the responsiveness they want. Innovative and productive information management is the greatest tool you have to track your services, patients and outcomes.
Health Systems
Operating Efficiently
Operating a health system or a physicians group is ever-challenging in today’s environment. Controlling costs, improving overall patient experience and managing liabilities are the everyday concerns of health system operators. Mazzatech’s range of solutions and services can help you improve your employee and patient satisfaction while utilizing cost-effective solutions that leave you with a healthier bottom line.
Health Plans
Caring and Cost

When you know that you are only allowed 15% of the premiums paid under the ACA, you need to be as cost-efficient as possible. Automating those systems that move and compile your data, payments, billing and other back-office services can improve your profitability with no loss in customer satisfaction. Improve the quality of your services, turn-around time and reduce the need for human intervention in those processes better accomplished through technology. Mazzatech’s professionals can help you meet these demands with the latest in technology so that you can do what you do best – help people in their time of need

Health IT
Staying Ahead of the Curve

Technology in healthcare is moving faster and faster, with new diagnostic tools, the advent of distance consultations and cloud-based, clinical services. Staying up to date in your Health IT needs means that you can adjust and adopt to new technologies more quickly and efficiently, keeping you ahead and your patients engaged and cared for in a manner that will improve their satisfaction with your care, while managing your costs to improve your bottom line. Mazzatech can guide you with the latest in innovative IT
medical services and technology.

Government Health Services
Cost-efficient delivery
Regardless of jurisdiction, government health programs are constrained like no others by time, budgetary limitations and even bandwidth. Mazzatech can help you meet the challenges of delivering the best services possible to the growing constituent population that governmental agencies are responsible to care for. Passionate efficiency is what your recipients need and we help you achieve that.

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